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Drinking tea disadvantage:Hot tea increase risk of esophageal cancer

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Oats food value, benefits of diseases prevention research summary

Research proves that several types of diseases risk can be omitted or reduced if you regularly eat oats. Oats contain many components which help us a happy life. please see below point with reference.Colorectal Cancer prevention: Oats contains soluble fibre which assists to reduce the risk of colorectal cancer Oats contains high-quality antioxidant which helps to omit free radical. Free radical is one of the main cause of cancer. By this way, Oats helps to decrease the chance of cancer. Ref-1, Ref-2Reduce high blood pressureOats contains soluble fibre, calcium and potassium. All these three elements helps to increase blood flow and prevent high blood pressure. So, it is very helpful for people who are suffering from high pressure.ArthritisAs per the report of Arthritis foundation, Low level C-reactive protein-based Whole grain like oatmeal works very well to reduce Arthritis.AtherosclerosisOats contains beta-glucan which helps to reduce low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (harmful ch…

Oats definition and types of oats you need to know before buy.

Oats are one type of grain which are generally used as both human and animal feed. Oats are extremely good food which helps to keep your body healthy and fit.

As per processing, 3 types of oats commonly found in the market.

1.Whole oat groats—These oats are primary oats. It is not any processing, just eliminate the external coating of natural oats and clean it. However, it is extremely hard and needs an extra period to boil. These types of oats normally rare in the market.

2. Steel-cut oats—When oats cut into little pieces, it is called steel cut oats. Steel-cut oats only cut, no extra other process. It is also very rare in the market. It needs too much time to boil during cooking but quicker than whole oats groats. This type of oats price is too high.

3. Rolled oats-Rolled oats are processed oats and they are processed by steam heating .so that it needs low time to cook.

Rolled oats are 3types.

(a)Old fashioned oats:
when oats are steam and pressed by roller and the prepare flaked in a fa…

10 Amazing health benefit of lemon water you should know. Drink always

First, you should know about lemon water. It means that just water(warm water is better) and lemon, nothing else. Remember no sugar add with this lemon water. 

Drinking Lemon water regularly carries several health benefits. 

1. Lemon water is very effective for people who are suffering due to blood pressure. It helps to reduce blood pressure. So that people feel comfortable to drink it. (Ref-1,   Ref-2 )

2. Constantly drinking lemon water helps to eliminate acne from your face. It has multiple skin benefits. It contains Vitamin C which is effective to clean your skin. Its antioxidant properties help to grow your skin beautiful. So your face looking for younger. It’s Anti –Bacterial properties helps to protect your body from bacterial infection. (Ref-1,  Ref-2,) .That's
why you should drink lemon water?

3. Lemon water is helpful to grow your hair, strong nails, and oral condition.

4. It helps to ph level balance. 

5. Dehydration is the main reality of our weakness. Lemon w…

My practical experience: tips about diet with oats, lemon for weight loss

Would you like to lose your belly fat or weight without exercise?
My straight forward  answer is yes.

I was facing serious problem when my weight increases regularly and go to 85kg (My Height 5 feet 6 inch and age31). I was so fatty at that time. I like fast food and tea very much. My blood pressure going too high. 

I was trying to lose my weight and searching for a good way to reduce health. So I read many blog articles about how to weight loss, how to burn belly fat, healthy food, etc. Most of the blogs suggest many diet plans and exercises. 

But I am a textile engineer and a very busy man. Every day I go outside from home at 6.30AM and return home at 9.30PM.So I have no time for exercise. Sometimes I tried to manage time for exercise but I failed . 

For this reason, I tried to diet plan to lose my weight but I also failed . Everyday low food taking is a very painful job. As a human, it is very tuff if I do not able to eat delicious food as my wish. That time I successfully lost …